Windows Contacts parsing – Auslesen in Microsoft Windows Vista – CSharp .net 3.0

Es geht darum, wie man an die Kontaktdaten mit dem neuen “Windows Contacts” kommt – dazu habe ich kleines Demo in C# mit .net 3.0 erstellt.

Der Rest steht hier in Englisch: 

As you might know since Microsoft Windows Vista the WAB (Windows Address Book) was replaced by a new contact set, named “Windows Contacts”. Due to the fact it took some time to find out how to access and read the contacts, I would like to present you an example of how to read the contacts. I first thought of writing an XML-Reader for the contacts, afterwards I tried to use some kind of Windows API. It was confusing, because the suitable information upon this topic is rather minimalistic. But after some time in google I found a suitable way. So there is not much of coding, but the usable way is interesting.

You need: .net Framework 3.0 and contacts.dll from

Demo Project:

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