Diplomarbeit – Kurzfassung

Nachdem ich immer mal wieder gefragt werde, worum es in der Diplomarbeit ging, hier die Zusammenfassung:

 Vehicular Software of Deutsche Bahn AG is subject to configuration management: For each vehicle model one single target version for all involved software components is built. Due to the size of the fleet and the fact that the changeover of software takes place in various factories and therefore is iterative, quite frequently the target version cannot be reached in one single step. In this case intermediate states of all software versions are necessary. Nevertheless it is crucial, that all configurations are valid and reliable at any time. When talking of configuration, you have to keep in mind that there are dependencies between all software components itself and towards external entities, like regional restrictions, seasonal limitations or legal requirements. Moreover these dependencies differ by any means in miscellaneous criteria: e.g. their occurrence and their relevance. In this diploma thesis, several differentiating factors of dependencies and their relating partners are analysed and developed. Based upon this analysis, a concept is presented which distinguishes three basic types of dependencies: 

  • Dependencies between software components
  • Dependencies between software and external entities
  • Dependencies between software and other dependencies 

This concept is represented by an entity-relationship-model and provides a statement of requirements for valid classifications of dependency-partners. As an example, a software component of a train vehicle could be dependent of the track’s curve radius. In this case, it would be helpful to provide claimed and respectively valid ranges. In terms of support in practice, the model is implemented in a database solution. This software has the task to support the employees of Deutsche Bahn AG, while verifying configurations for vehicular software. This is achieved by providing and managing all necessary information about dependency relationships.

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